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Yolelwa S
Yolelwa S

Yolelwa Sikunyana is a zealous entrepreneur and a practicing attorney with over 15 years of legal experience. Her interest is entrenched within entrepreneurial development and legal education. She is the founder of Sikunyana Inc . Attorneys, a law firm based in Midrand and founded on the principle that it must create momentous impact in the provision of legal services. She is also the CEO of Legal Perspective Biz Hub, a legal training company designed to assist entrepreneurs with understanding legal and compliance matters through education.
She is a creative mind and is consistently looking for ways of delivering legal services in a cost effective and accessible manner. She is driven by her acute passion for supporting small businesses in the provision of legal and compliance solutions. In her firm she has developed various legal products that are suitable for SMEs.
She also holds an LLB from University of Johannesburg (UJ); post Graduate Diploma in Drafting and Interpretation of Contracts from (UJ);Certificate in Compliance Management from (UJ), Advanced Company Law Certificate from Wits, Masters in Law of Contract from University of Pretoria