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Siegmund W
Siegmund W

Loves to work with small home businesses, family businesses and has lead teams within corporates to large multi-national companies, all with the same passion.

His Major Achievements

• Getting both board room members and general staff to understand what the numbers are saying.
• Setting realistic and achievable goals for business turnarounds or profit/efficeincy improvements.
• Creation of an on-line financial training platform ( using his own unique Logic-Models™.
• Turning a ZAR multi million loss making operation into an eight-figure profitable Business Unit within 3 years.
• Successfully leading the finance departments for all the African Operations within a Business Unit.
• Creation of a statistical forecasting model to optimise scarce labour and capital resource utilization. (Implemented in 5 different countries)
• The successfully implemented management accounting function & a standard costing system (later rolled out to 4 operations within the group).
• Compiling all the statistical and financial evaluations for a ZAR 1 Billion investment proposal.

Hands on experience at heading the followinf functions within different organizations:-
Financial accounting, Management Accounting, Costing, Fixed Asset management, Inventory management & Control, Credit Management, Supplier management, Supplier audits, Payroll, Investment appraisals, Treasury, Forex, Taxation, Customs (logistics, tariffs & stores), Incoterms, Transport Fleet, Production planning, Strategic Planning, Procurement, IT Department, Change mNagaement Program.