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Dr Thommie Burger
Dr Thommie Burger

I help Existing Companies and Startups with Writing World-Class Business Plans, Designing Financial Projection Models, and Performing a Comprehensive Analysis of their Business.

The Tangible Results are that they get Investor-Ready and Actionable Strategic Plans that can be Implemented Immediately as well as Practical Financial Models and Realistic Business Valuations that will WOW any Investor, Funder and Stakeholder.

I started JTB Consulting in 2006 after having worked in the corporate arena in South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho and the United Kingdom.

Today, JTB Consulting is regarded as the Leading Business Plan Consultancy in South Africa, having successfully managed multi-billion Rand niche investment projects as well as startup ventures for clients based in South Africa, SADC, Africa and across the globe.

With an average Funding Approval Rate of 79% per annum and a Customer Recommendation Rate of 98%, we continue to guide and assist clients across multiple industries, i.e. Agri-Processing, E-Commerce, ICT, Manufacturing, FMCG, Retail, Internet of Things, Construction, and Travel and Hospitality, to name but a few.

Maintaining a high level of Client Satisfaction is the primary reason of our existence, with a motto of "Under Promising and Over Delivering" at the heart of our client engagements since 2006.

We provide unique and affordable Business Plan Writing Solutions delivered through a high level of quality service ensuring client satisfaction every step of the way. Since the establishment of JTB, we have successfully written more than 13,000 business plans for clients based in more than 25 countries and regions.