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Webinar Authority
The step-by-step course on how to prepare, present, host, and execute a successful webinar
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You Too Can Take Advantage of The Power of Webinars To Connect, Engage And Sell Your Products Have you tried all sorts of methods and techniques to sell your product or service? Do you want to establish yourself as an expert and build authority in your industry? Imagine being able to easily convert prospects into high-paying clients. Now you can do all that using the power of webinars! The Power is in Webinars Webinars have become one of the most popular ways to promote a business in the past few years. They are so effective because they provide an immersive experience that other forms of media do not and attendees get real-time information delivered straight to them, not to mention the interactivity of question-and-answer sessions. According to the Adobe Software blog, webinars rank in the top three of the content delivery methods out there. How Do You Get Started? In order to use a webinar to promote your business, you are going to need to know the secrets to a successful webinar. With so much information out there, where do you even begin? It's overwhelming, I know! You could use the old "trial and error" method and fail. You could waste hours of your time sifting through websites and videos and end up even worse than when you began. The good news is I've written a handy eBook to help you get started -- no matter whether you're a beginner. I've put it all into one easy-to-understand course. Let me introduce you to... Webinar Authority: The Step-By-Step Guide On How To Prepare, Present, Host, And Execute a Successful Webinar. Here's exactly what you'll get inside this course: This course breaks everything down into easily manageable steps, from the equipment that you will need to the actual presentation skills it takes to pull off a good webinar. Hosting a webinar requires a great deal of commitment and preparation, as well as a few other things like equipment, software, topic and promotion. Everything you need to know from your very first webinar idea to getting attendees to keep coming to your webinars over and over will be explained in great detail. By the end of the course, you will have all of the tools you need to host your first webinar and get on the road to making big money from your presentations. Here's what you'll discover in this eBook and 10 high-quality tutorial videos: * Learn how to prepare for a webinar including presentation tips to make you better at engaging your audience and tips on camera, lighting, microphone choice and more. * Discover how you can monetize your webinar in ways that you never thought possible and make even more money than you expected. * Find out what equipment you need for a webinar and how to optimize it to make sure you present the best professional webinar. * Get ideas on how to promote and advertise your webinar including many options that require no budget whatsoever. * Get tips on choosing your topic and find out how you can ensure that your webinar topic will be engaging and interesting to audiences, will allow you to monetize to make money from your webinar and allow you to present it as an expert. * Methods for improving your presenting skills, including how to have better diction, body language and many other factors. * How to improve your current webinars by making them more interesting and engaging, including the way that you present slides and using alternative forms of multimedia to make your webinar amazing. * Learn how to increase your attendees by partnering up with other speakers and each of you giving information to the audience. A webinar with one expert is great, but a webinar with multiple experts can’t be missed. * ...and much, much more!
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Carlos Batista
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Courses%2fimages%2fylner6vqbgfsnjglshsowppso4ojpqwebinar authority bundle
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10 Lesson
How to turn webinars into a profitable venture
Video - 2.74 mins
The 4 best ways to make people return for future webinars
Video - 2.51 mins
The 4 secrets to creating a killer webinar
Video - 2.9 mins
The 3 best services for hosting webinars
Video - 3.1 mins
The 4 reasons people attend webinars
Video - 2.58 mins
5 Ways to make your webinars more fun and engaging
Video - 2.73 mins
6 Secrets for becoming the best webinar presenter in your industry
Video - 2.74 mins
6 Tips for attracting webinar attendees
Video - 2.71 mins
The 4 most common webinar mistakes and how to avoid them
Video - 2.85 mins
Which are the best types of webinars to host
Video - 2.82 mins